George Wright? Jorge Santos?

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[leia em português, abaixo] Although our hearts and prayers go out to the victims that George Wright left in his wake in America, this blog is a testament to the humble Portuguese citizen and friend we know as Jorge Santos. There is no place for hatred and racism here; the online newspapers provide that outlet.  … Continue reading

Sunday, 23Oct – Support Jorge / Basketball Tournament

From Time Sunday, October 23 · 9:30am – 1:30pm Location Monte Abraão – Queluz Avenida da Liberdade (Traseiras do Centro de Saúde de Monte Abraão) Created By Associação dos Amigos do Basquetebol da Guiné-Bissau (A.A.B.G.B) More Info Acção de angariação de fundos, pelo nosso amigo Jack ( Venha participar e traga seus amigos.Contamos consigo … Continue reading

Home Again

On Friday afternoon, Oct 14, Jorge was returned to his home where he remains under house arrest. The battle against extradition continues.  If you haven’t yet done so, please sign the petitions linked on the main page of this blog.  Thank you! Also, whenever you see online articles calling Jorge a “murderer”, please consider leaving … Continue reading

Just the facts, please

There are some very dangerous errors being communicated in the press.  Here are two of the most aggregious: 1.  Jorge is a “murderer.” At 19, Jorge robbed a gas station; he had a gun; a man was killed.  But the man was killed by someone else.  Jorge was convicted of being an accomplice (cúmplice) and he was … Continue reading

To: Jorge & Family

If you are a friend of the Santos family, please leave your comments and stories. And come back soon. Jornalists:  Anonymous comments have been enabled to protect our friends, family and employers from journalist intrusions.  (And not because we are ashamed to be Jorge’s friends!) Se é amigo da família Santos, partilhe os seus comentários … Continue reading